Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time and Money wait for No one..

Time :
Internship will be coming to an end soon..
Soon meaning around one and a half months to go..
I don't like the internship period..
But I don't feel like going back to MMU and continue to study..
Seriously, don't feel like studying anymore...
But don't like to work as well..
What a dilemma..
Gotta worry about my Log book, Report, Presentation, FYP!
Nightmare will start soon..

Money :
Money will never be enough..
We are living our lives to earn more and more money..
The more money we have, the more we spend..
At the end, we have to earn even more..
Every single thing is money..
The moment I start to work, money is my face..
Of course, I don't have the AGONG face on me la..
So much to buy, so little time, so little money..
Sometimes I pity myself that I couldn't buy anything I like without looking at the price..
Money comes first no matter what..
Every single things I want, need money to be success..

Love season is the air~~!
Love bug is everywhere..
I can't believe that Love bug has bitten many of my friends.. xD
I'm happy with you guys..
It's hard to maintain a relationship..
But actually, it's harder to get into relationship..Don't you think so..
It's our luck that our path crosses each other..
We may take the short-cut out of the friendship/relationship..
But I am walking with you guys..
I'm might sway away from the path, but I will be coming back..
So don't move on without me..
Let's move on together and leave behind the unnecessary thing..
Sadness, heart-breakness and Yin-ness..
It's not necessary that Yin is needed for Yang..
That's why we got L and G..

Enjoy the Gay song.. =)


Yin Tan said...

i'm leaving you, not the other way round.
you guys need me!!

JanC said...

Bye yin~~ gonna sorely miss u~~ take care ya~~have a safe journey...bye~~ dont turn back...go!~~~~ we will try to remember you~~~lol!!!!!!!

Yin Tan said...

we still have thailand together.. and i'm not leaving so soon!......... bugger.

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