Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Guess who is back, baby?!!
Milla Jovovich, Alice, is back and kicking some bad-@$$!
Who can ever forget this zombie killing, hot chick?

If I am Alice, I will make it a big entry back to the Umbrella Corporation..No more hide and seek..
Just pure violence and explosion!..
I will end this battle once and for all..

First of all, I will try to lure as many zombies as possible to the Umbrella Corporation..
This will surely keep them busy while I make my way towards Albert Wesker..As he possesses superhuman strength, speed and regenerative capabilities,
it is not easy for me to take him down all by myself..
Here comes my trusty friend, Claire Redfield...
Together, we can bring down this evil mastermind and bring peace to the world..

Using Umbrella Corporation's own research centre, we can produce antidote to control T-virus mutation..
This will be the Afterlife of the T-virus..
Everyone will be back to the old self..


Resident Evil: Afterlife will be a blast with the latest 3D technology used..
It will an out-of-the-world journey!

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great post and all the best for the comp!

do check out my entry as well ya?

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