Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There goes my movie marathon!

July is the lucky month for me!
I was included into company's trip to Fraser Hill and Cameron Highland for 3 days 2 night..
Then I was invited to the movie screening of Inception, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Salt!

However, I din't go for the movie Inception because of the company's trip..
But I passed my ticket to my girlfriend instead..

So I'm back to go for The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie screening..
People may say the plot is repetitive, blahhh, blahh and more blahhh..
It is a movie god dammit!
And produce by Disney!
So they are targeting mostly children, perhap..
If you think the movie is predictable + repetitive, just stay away from cinema coz it will be the same for the rest of you life, old people!
Children do not know repetitive that kind of stuff..

As for Inception, I watched the movie by myself last weekend(Thursday to be more precise)..
Enjoyed the movie to the max!
Something mind-boggling movie that I have seen and I understand it..
I got better understanding because I roughly get the idea of the movie.. =)

For Salt, I manage to get a merchandise for being the early bird! xD
For the movie, it is just so-so..
The exaggerate action is a big put off..
Think about Lara Croft with superhuman power kind of thing..
Evelyn Salt is indestructible!
Might have Salt 2, but I will definitely pass on that..


ah bird said...

Im pretty sure next week would come as great week for you too, Tekken and Avatar should very much satisfy you, 4hours of pure visual effects for just 20RM or less, totally worth it, especially at times like this when stories and effects like these are so hard to come by~

Siew5 said...

yeah.. but i'm not interested with tekken.. it's not as the game.. it's just using the name..i'm going to watch avatar.. thanks for ur concern..

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