Thursday, March 25, 2010

Midterm gone, going go... Assignment came, coming, come

SCREW those midterms!
Never been so numb studying almost everyday for the pass two week++
It was a fortnight of HELL!

LOL.. Some people might think that it is just studying.. NO BIG DEAL!
But I'm not the study kind of guy.. Not a bookworm..
Want me to study so much, it is really killing me..
Luckily the exams went smoothly.. With some guidance from everyone, I think it should be A-O-K.

When the exam is over, here come the assignments..
Gotta rush piles of assignments..
Still lazy want to start with it..
I wonder if i have to rush to the last minute for these assignments again..

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Miz~Paranoia said...

I screwed my mid terms too.. Jus imagine.. i passed up an almost blank paper.. so pathetic.. lucky you yours was ok.. sighhhh... good luck wit those assignments... now i have to deal wit mine.. GOD PLS HAVE SOME MERCY ON US!

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