Saturday, March 20, 2010

What am I doing besides studying?

Whenever it's examination time, I can hardly concentrate in my study..
When study should be my main priority, but somehow, I always sway into other direction..

Let me list out what I have been busy about besides studying..

1. Addiction to Youtube. I'm not a Youtuber. But whenever examination is around the corner,
that's where I'm
2. Surveying stuffs
- DSLR camera ( and now, I own one)
- Upgrades + accessory (and now, I got some)
- Cheap bargain (found some)
- Photography stuff
- Last but not least, some stupid stuff.
3. Of course, Facebook..
Nothing much to do over there, but still will keep on checking it.
4. Sleep alot.
5. Blog about why I don't want to study.

Pretty long list huh?
That's the f*cked up part of my life..


nicholexh said...

you missed something in the list:
find someone to play NOOB games in ICQ

Siew5 said...

you say wrongly dy..
Find someone NOOB to play game in ICQ..

nicholexh said...


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