Friday, March 26, 2010

A walk through the book fair..

Yesterday, I went to One Utama mall..
There was having a fair by MPH..
Co-sponsored by CIMB I guess..
Because if you applied or already a CIMB credit card holder, you can get 20% off the books..
Are you?? If you are, go grab some books...

So speaking of books..
I'm not a book reading person..
I don't like books that as thick as a dictionary..

But I saw some book that caught my attention..
It's more to self-motivation book or meaningful quote kinda book..
Thought wanna look around first before I grab one for myself..

Come across an Unknown guy who became famous because he did something that really makes us proud..
For this guy, the government splashed million of ringgit just to bring him to the space..
Not sure what's the true reason for the program..
It's because the government is paying those hard earn money of the tax payers for someone to have a 'honeymoon'trip in the space..
Sitting in a rocket made by other country.. blasted off in other country..
But it is because a countryman is in it, it is a big fuss..

From what I heard about this guy, he is knowledgeable..
I'm not doubting on that..
I'm doubting on the program itself..

How much info that the program had gave us?
How much research had been put for the program?
How much research that WILL be put in after the program?

All I know is that :
Government is few million poorer..
Other country is few million richer..
That country guy get a big pile of money by doing absolutely nothing in the space.
Having fun with a packet drink..
Playing some games..

When he's back on Earth,
He become the HERO!
The man that conquer outer space..
And he end up writing a BOOK about it..
What happen next??
Of course, earning money from the sales of book..
In addition, get a honourable recognization..
Who don't like it??

Wow.. That's just nice..
I hope I can do something like that..
I'm sure I'll do much more that what he did..
Bring some chicks along and have a little experiment..

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