Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Arrival of Astro B.yond PVR decoder! Finally!

After weeks and weeks of waiting..
Finally the cool black box had arrived to my home!
It's not easy as just setting up the decoder..

My house need to be rewired just to fix the new decoder into its new home!
According to the technician, the new decoder need two wires.
The old one just needed one.

Anyhow, the decoder is safely setup and ready to roll!

Look at the shinny body..
I am impressed with the sleek design of the decoder!
The new decoder came with all the buttons on top of it.
Never worry that your remote gone cuckoo! =)

Things that you can see on Astro B.yond PVR.
HD TV and PVR!

The package includes manual on operating the decoder and a brand new remote control.
What the fuss about the new remote control?
OF course, here it is! =)

The magic button that make Astro B.yond PVR GREAT!

Pause, Play, Record Rewind and Forward.
You can use these anytime you wanted.
Rewind or forward, pause or play.. Record any drama, movie or live channel that you like!
You can even record one channel while you are watching another one! =)
This is just great!

Will update more about the Pause, Play, Rewind and Forward button soon!

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