Monday, March 7, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid

What is the hottest topic that we gotta Tuned to?
Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid, of course!

Is it me or do most people nowadays own more than one mobile phone
For me, it is not because I am a very busy guy..
I am just an ordinary student who just love to contact with all my friends.
Either they are close one or far apart.
I do like to contact them once in a while but never often.
We are not using the same Telco. That's WHY!

Every Telco is just being kind to their own users only and very cruel towards other Telco.
You only get the best rate when you are calling or texting each other who are using the same Telco.
That is the reason for owning two mobile phone with two different Telco.
By doing this, I can save some money by staying connect with my friends in long run.

However, I am given the opportunity to have a first hand experience to test Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.
To be honest, it wouldn't cross my mind to have Tune Talk number because it is considered new and NONE of my friend are using Tune Talk.
I have finally realised that having one number can solve all my problems.

Tune Talk is offering a low flat rate doesn't matter if you are using different kind of Telco.

Yes. Your eyes are not playing trick on you.
The flat rate is for all Telco.
You will never worry about the rate when you are calling to another network or even texting your friends.
Best yet to come!
We just all love internet, don't we?
Tune Talk is offering RM0.05/MB!
Yes! It's RM0.05 for 1Mb of data transfer!
For average user like I do, 10Mb of data is just for RM0.50!
This should be the cheapest rate for Data plan around.

On top of the lowest rate, it offer value-added incentives like a RM100,000 personal accident coverage from Etiqa Insurance Bhd!

Just using Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid and you will be covered by Etiqa Insurance for RM100,000!
How great can it be?

That's not all..
You can collect points for every top up that can be exhanged for Airasia's ticket!
This is the only Telco that offers free AirAsia flights!
Best of all, the point NEVER expired!
You can collect them as long as you live! xD

Do you think that is all?
You are sooooo wrong!
Tune Talk is the only Telco for you to change your number anytime for a small fees.

Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, at anytime!
It's like killing A LOT OF birds with one Simcard! =)

What are you waiting for and get Tuned in!

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