Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busiest day if my Internship..

Today, unofficially I have done three task...
It started with checking of voice synthesizer and troubleshooting the problem if no sound is audible..

Next was fixing a broken cable..
What wire is that??
Just some microphone wire.. That is not that expensive to fix them..
However, the customer, who is the boss friend, wanted the engineer to find out the problem..
Even though the engineer is not happy about it, he still get the job down..
However, he put my name down as the person who fixed it although I just helped out a little..

Afterward was checking with some circuit that control conveyor belt or something.. Nothing much actually but being extra careful with it because it's dealing with AC current..

Lastly was building a circuit on strip board..
Not yet finish with it so will be continue tomorrow.. XD

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