Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Second day!

Today, I went to my office around 7.45am..
But yet, I still reach very early though..
Get my parking at around 8.10am?? LOL..
Much better than my first day though..
Reach OFFICE at 7.45am! >.< !
Waited for more than 1 hour for work...

Today basically just continue yesterday work..
Just checking every single resistor.. and checking every single capacitor by taking each and everyone out! =.=
Today lunch is better because we decided to go back office early after we finish our lunch.. xD

Continue the same work until day ends..

That sum up everything.. Working life is hard to handle!


ericlai2020 said... few more lunch....crack more conversation or funny things...walau....u hav a gang.....better than ntg at all.....

Siew5 said...

lol.. have a gang ar? mayb la.. a gang of silence.. i believe silent is gold.. LOL.. have few more lunch, i worry i'll get crazy soon ar..

Kok Jin said...

how come you reached company so early wan??

I saw my housemate(if you know who is leave home around 8am yesterday... =.=

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