Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day of Internship..

Instead of shouting out in Facebook..
I would rather just keep it here..
Most my reader is just my MMU friends.. So I want to share with you guys only..
This can also keep as a reminder for my logbook in the future.. xD

Let me talk about morning..
Start working at 9am..
Sitting on the chair, looking at the ceiling.. looking at the floor.. looking at every single thing around me..
Until a kind person take a box of speaker for US to test..
Yeah, I'm working with another colleague which is same intern with me..
All I did was passing the speaker to him and just let him test.. Pretty hard work huh?
Done within half an hour or less...
Waiting and waiting for lunch time to come..

LUNCH TIME: Happy meal?
Having lunch with other 3 intern..
Eat within 15minute.. 35 minutes of silent...
Let you think what has happen during that time.. >.< ..

Luckily after lunch..
The same kind soul comes to our rescue..
Now, he ask us to troubleshoot a circuit board..
Just checking on the ICs.. and some component..
Hardest part for today is taking out 2 ICs..
It's sound easy but both of us taking forever to do it..
Luckily, I manage to get it done before day ends..
Tomorrow will be continue with the troubleshooting stuff..

I wonder if I will ever learn anything.. =.=

Thanks for reading my friends..

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