Friday, September 18, 2009

How Irony?

Finally, my MINI P presentation is over!
My project works nicely just the way we want it to be..

It was a LUCKY day at first cause my friend lost his car key but still able to get it back thanks to some really really good guy...

Everything went on nicely..
Having steamboat BBQ..
That's when the UNLUCKY part strike..

My friends handbag get snatched away right under their nose..
The place we had our dinner were so packed with people but yet, robbery still happened..

I'm sorry for my friends for were the victim..
There are 4 people's wallet inside the handbag..
But we have learnt our lesson!

Never put our guard down no matter where we are and who are we with..
It can strike anytime!

At that moment, everything seem to be going all wrong..
Initially, we thought that our plan had to be canceled..
It was to celebrate one friend's birthday actually..

But at the end, the victims able to let it go and actually have a good laugh with us afterward..
Even though I'm sure they are very sad about it..
But they still hang around with us after the incident..

The birthday celebration went on and we took ALOT of pictures..
I hope that my friends can get over the trauma..
Please becareful my friends...
Accident can really happen without any warning..

We promise will protect you girls better!
We will not let this kind of this happen to you all ever again!
Even if we have to chase a motorbike, a car or even aeroplane! xD
We will be there for you..
This is our promise!

~Friendship Forever~

**Any of you guys don't wish to promise? I'll exclude you. Now I'm assuming we are all in this, OK?**
**Missed out 19/09/2009 big event.. Looks like we gotta find a better date and go on with our event. **


lionel0008 said...

Sorry to hear that. Did you notice it after the whole dinner or during?

Siew5 said...

we notice that when da thief was pulling the handbag away from my friends.. the handbag was put behind my friend's back.. then my other friends give a chase but the thief jump onto a bike with his accomplice and drove off.. they juz couldnt chase them afterward.. we are really unlucky.. and low awareness actually..

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