Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some stalker?? (Purely emotional)

I never realise that my blog is stalked by someone else other than my friends..
Not sure whether this stalker exist or not but somehow,
An email i receive does reminded me of a post i blog about..

It's not important right now..
I dont really give a damn about it anymore..
I'll just move on and forget about it..
If friend is meant to be betrayed, who needs enemy??

I got a whole different concept about friendship..
I'm not a person who take a friend for granted..
And I DO take very long time before HE/SHE is my friend..

The harder you try come to me, the harder I'm trying to avoid..
I'm someone who is very hard to be pleased..
But EASILY annoyed..

I'm cool at first, but somehow,
The noobness of you about living outside,
It's really something new to me..
Even the most dead volcano can erupt when he hears this..

There is no such thing as TEMPORARY..
That only happen in HOTEL..

I'm not blaming anyone right now rather than myself..
Blaming myself for trusting people easily..
Or should I say, I never make everything clearly..
I have learn a valuable lesson..

IT's a dog eat dog world..
You have to f*ck up people's life before they f*ck up yours..

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