Monday, September 28, 2009

This post is Specially for Eric...

Hye.. Guess what?
I purposely go to campus to download FIFA2010 already..

And I played awhile just now..
Seem like graphic not much different but the gameplay seem more realistic..
The movement and stuff i feel abit different than FIFA2009

Here is a trailer for you to see..

While I was waiting for the download to complete,
I see another game.. Seem fun so i decided to download it as well..
It's called Mini Ninja..
Just some cute RPG game I guess but the graphic and stuff not bad at all..

Here is the video of that game.. Enjoy

When i search for this video, it seem alot of fun

~Too Much Game, Too Little Time~


ericlai2020 said...

ma de........sobsob...walau...siew fai..u wan litat lar..dis few days no exam....sob..i wan play alsooooo...........

Siew5 said...

wah.. u very efficient leh.. keep track with the game thingy izit? haha.. jk only la.. after exam then can play lo.. u finish 1 day earlier than me some more..

Jansen said...

abang~i want da mini ninja installer~

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