Monday, September 7, 2009

What's inside of an BIG EGG???

When you see a BIG EGG, what would you think of??
A big chick inside??
It might be true though..

But it might be 2 chick in one big egg..
Who knows??

According to New Scientist Staff :

An egg within an egg is a very unusual occurrence.

Normally, the production of a bird's egg starts with the release of the ovum from the ovary. It then travels down the oviduct, being wrapped in yolk, then albumen, then membranes, before it is finally encased in the shell and laid.

Occasionally an egg travels back up the oviduct, meets another egg travelling down it, and then becomes encased inside the second egg during the shell-adding process, thus creating an egg within an egg. Nobody knows for sure what causes the first egg to turn back, although one theory is that a sudden shock could cause this. Eggs within eggs have been reported in hens, guinea fowl, ducks and even Coturnix quail.

Incidentally, it is especially unusual to encounter this phenomenon in a shop-bought egg, because these are routinely candled (a bright light is held up to them to examine the contents), and any irregularities are normally rejected.

So, It's another egg inside of a very big egg..
It's like to eat two egg in one big egg..

Make any sense?? LOL

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