Friday, September 25, 2009

Need For Speed Shift : Review

Looks like I alm0st missed out this game..
A new sequal from Need For Speed..

From the past experience, I never really played the whole game..
It's because my computer just couldnt handle the graphic..
Have been playing with laggy game all this while..
Until i bought a little better laptop, that time i start to play NFS:Underground..

Now it's new game from NFS..

Here's a short review about the game..
The graphic is just too damn good..
I tried this game with my computer..
It as usual, jerky and laggy from time to time..
But I guess it's still playable in this kind of desperate state..

Another game within my reach is Championship Manager 2010..
It's the first manager game I have played when I was like 15years old..
It's was an addictive game..
All we talk about in the class was who player is good and who should we buy..
WOw.. That was the memory.. CM is our topic every single day..
It's been long time I never play CM due to FM..
From C to F.. Now from F back to C because F not release yet.. XD

It's much the same to FM actually..
Maybe it's just the gameplay that is different..
But overall, the graphic and stuff looks similar to me..
Instead of just round circle moving in the field,
We can see players nowadays..

Here's a short preview of the game..

Gonna go through it as soon as i finish the final exam!


ericlai2020 said...

s55555!!!!.....haha.....nfs shift! dl-ing also..den found out ct gto edi...wan fast fast go copy 2010 also got d arr???i wan i wan..........RE5 leh???u hav???oh..shit...after final gonna b busy playing d...haha..

Siew5 said...

wahaha.. both i also got dy.. but then dun hv RE5.. not interested also.. hehe.. NFS Shift seem very nice.. don wait lo.. go take and 'START YOUR ENGINE'!

Anonymous said...

haha...sob,..knot lar...don1...don1..don1...wont get distratced......hehe..den bolow me after exam ohh

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