Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is the cycle of life..
We are born, getting older each day, started getting all sort of illness and finally death fell upon us.
Have you ever wonder you are you living the life you are living right now?

I do question about it but never get a question..
At the end, give up thinking about it coz it takes me no where..

Yesterday, I had a visit to the hospital..
I think that the hospital provides elder care service..
I was supposingly followed my friend to visit grandmother of her friend.
It's sad to see her grandmother condition who is in coma..
It is even sad to see other elder people, lying on the bed..

All of them are alone in the hospital..
Only nurses are taking care of them..
Not all of them seem to be sick..
That is why I think that the hospital is looking after the elder on behalf of their family..
It breaks my heart to see them being lonely in the hospital..
After going through all their lives, they ended up in the hospital, day after day..

I am not the most filial son I am possibly be.
But I made a promise to myself that no matter how hard I have to work, I will try to give my parent the better life.
After all they had done for me, I will never forget them or neglect them.

My New Year resolution:
I hope to take a family photo of my family member this CNY..
I hope I can do so..
I won't wait for my graduation for the photo to be taken..
I have to do it as soon as possible..

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