Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Day I Hiked Bukit Gasing.. =)

This is the third time I have hiked Bukit Gasing.
It's not that hard to hike around but I guess it consumes a lot of energy because it's going up and down the hill along the journey.
Hiking can be a great work-out but also will hurt your joint if doing it wrongly..
Don't ask me the correct way because I hike without any safety measures. xD

So this is the entrance to the Bukit Gasing Hill.
It's called "Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing".
You can see a lot of people hiking on weekends morning.
You can see friendly faces too!
No need to worry about getting lost coz you can just join other to walk along.
Of course, try not to sway away from the track.

This is the second time I hiked all the way to the Hanging Bridge (Jambatan Gantung)
It's just a short bridge connecting from one side to another across a small river.
I not sure 678m refers to.
Coz the signboard is at the side of the bridge.
And I got no idea which one is Denai 4.

It's just a short bridge..
But add some adventure to the hiking process.. =D

Can you see what's underneath the bridge?
Nothing much but a tiny river.. =)

Overall, hiking Bukit Gasing is a very good experience.
Unlike Broga which is quite steep, Bukit Gasing is well-prepared for other to hike.
You can see young and old hiking around.
Some even bring their trusty sidekick, Dogs!
Once, I saw a big Golden Retriever and this time around, I saw a Husky!

Cool! Would like to bring a ChiHuaHua to hike with me! xD

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