Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chinese New Year.. The Year of Rabbit..

Just realised that I have never blogged about Chinese New Year last year..
So this will be my first ever blog for CNY..

From what I heard from old people..
I am considered half rabbit and half dragon..
Why? Because I am born before Chinese New Year..
That's why..
If not mistaken, I am head of a dragon, with tail of a rabbit..
Make any sense? xD

I guess, I look scary, but I am cute as a bunny I suppose? LMAO!
I am so fluuufeeehh that you might die, you know? ^^

However, the CNY feel is not that strong for this year..
My hometown friends are not much to be around anymore..
Even if they do, they will be working soon..
Not much holiday for them..

Unlike the previous year, we used to hang out most everyday..
Right until 7th or 8th of Lunar..
Even 'playing cards' won't be the same anymore..

I really do miss the old times..
Miss all my friends..
Miss the time we hanging out together..
And have some drink while having steamboat out of maggi soup.. =)

Right now, only memories remain...

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