Monday, January 10, 2011

Nuffnang Movie Screening: Faster! (Spoiler Ahead!)

Woohoo.. I am so lucky to get to watch "The Rock's" movie, Faster courtesy of Nuffnang..
But actually I am not that lucky because I din't exactly win th
e ticket on my own..
I get the movie ticket thanks to this famous blogger!
Mr. Tan Yee Kean..
Please check out his blog ok? He is a very happening guy.. =)
Here's the LINK..

Why would he passed his movie ticket to me? Because he get invited to an earlier session of Faster movie conference.
So, he actually watched this movie much earlier.. =)

So back to the movie..
The story is actually like this:
No joke! I can't believe I guessed it correctly..
Well, I din't get the movie passes though..
But it's alrite.. The movie passes go to those who squeeze their brain to think out a creative idea..
I guess mine is just not creative enough.. T_T
Oh ya, there are two mistakes I make in my answer though..
One is the Killer did not die and the Policeman did not end up in jail..
What happen?
It's you to watch in the cinema la.. Enough of the spoiler already la... xD

Oh.. Btw, The Killer's wife is H.O.T..
So don't miss her out ok? But I don't think anyone will... =D

Thanks again for the movie ticket..
**Sorry that I can't get any early bird prize for you. Ngam Ngam the last T-shirt is given away before my turn to take the merchandise.. Talk about bad luck!! T_T **

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