Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

This is great!
This would be the best birthday present for me!
I am looking forward to watch this movie and now, Nuffnang is having preview screening of The Green Hornet!
Green Hornet

If I were The Green Hornet,
I would look like this!

Hii YA!!
Be afraid of my killer sting!
Once stung you won't shy.. Because you will rot in hell, Criminal!!

Every Superhero should have their own characteristic..
For me, I will have the sharp yellow needle right on my butt..
Come kiss my butt if you dare! xD

With two sharp stingers made out of metal alloy adamantium(yes.. the same material in Wolverine) on both of my hand,I can cut and pierce through anything, anywhere and anytime.

Flying at the speed of light, or slightly slower, no criminal will be able to escape from my wrath!
I mean, my sting!
With consumption of highly sophiscated healthy Hunny, I am able to push myself to the limit.

**It's like Popeye after eating Spinach**

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