Saturday, January 1, 2011

Social Networking Language..

Happy New Year 2011!! =) *Like*
Today was a very very good day!
Should make it memorable in my opinion..

1.1.11 is the date for today of the first day of the year and of the decade!
It's a brand new year with a brand new decade for a better future? or worse..

Get the opportunity to hang out with my friends for the New Year countdown..
Had a steamboat dinner followed with a New Year countdown by the beach..
These friends of mine have adopted a new language for their daily conversation..

As most Facebook-er knows about 'Like', 'Tag', 'Share', 'Stalk' and 'Comment'..
These words have been used mostly anywhere or by anyone who has Facebook account.
Have you thought about the best way to express yourselves when you like a statement?
You will say 'Like' with a tick sign using your fingers..

What will you think off when you got a great video to share?
Youtube? It's losing out already..
Now, everyone likes to share their video through Facebook..
Where to share every single pictures you have taken?
Now they are sharing through Facebook even though the quality degraded..

You will always think about taking pictures and tag your friend..
Take some silly video and post in Facebook for sharing..
Stalk on someone you barely knows..
Comment on every single post, status, pictures and video..

Even though, our body is away from the computers.
Our hearts are always stick to Facebook no matter where we goes..
Now the world seems to be evolving around Facebook in daily lives..

Famous Quote:
YouTube MySpace And I'll Google Your Yahoo

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