Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

I am sure everyone knows about The Amazing Race.
For those who really got no idea what is 'The Amazing Race', I will brief you guys here.. =)
The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people, who have some form of a preexisting personal relationship, race around the world in competition with other teams. - Wikipedia source.. xD

The show is just so so SO SO COOL!
You can get to travel all around the World and you are in running for a BIG BIG grand prize - US$ 1,000,000!
However, reality game show is only for US citizen only..
No chance for Malaysian like me..

HOWEVER, good things are meant for everyone!
There is The Amazing Race ASIA!
Asian people like me if finally eligible to join the reality game show!
As a student, I am not able to be away for a game show for few month times even though the grand prize is US$ 100,000!(Only 10% of the grand prize from The Amazing Race of US, but still good enough, don't you think so?)
So,my dream to join the reality game show shattered once more.. =(

Worry not!
This is the opportunity for everyone!
**Rephrase: Not everyone, but for the one and only Nuffnangers are able to join this once in a lifetime experience 'food edition' Amazing Race!**

Again, Nuffnang crossover with Maxis to proudly brought us.. *drumroll*..
Event of the year!

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race!

How not to go for this Race?
I would give up free movie session, free holiday getaway, prepare for Final Year Project or go for some boot camp just to be a part of this event..
'WHY?', some of you might ask.

The reason is simple:

1. Unlike The Amazing Race, all I have to do is enjoy tons and tons of good food! TONS of Glorious FOOD! Not some creepy crawlies, roadkills, or stinky cheese! xD. It's all Malaysia Cuisine!. **drooling all over my laptop for the sake of FOOD**

2. Unlike The Amazing Race, the race is only for a day.. 8am-7pm of my Saturday is definitely well spent if I am able to join this race. I do not need to take months of leave to join The Amazing Race Asia, right? =D

3. A great opportunity for me to meet and of course, COMPETE with fellows bloggers for the first place. Healthy competition that is.. Think about the FOOD! Just couldn't get myself off the food!

4. Because I am having my own team, I hope to take this chance to enjoy ourselves to the fullest because we have been stressed out caused of Final Year Project. This is a great chance for getaway. Sweet Escapade~! OR Bloated Escapade! LOL

5. Last but not least, the attractive attractive prizes offered in the Race. Just a brief recap of the prize, shall we?

1st Prize: A trip to Hong Kong 3 days 2 nights with 5-star accommodation worth RM10,000!! Each member get their own SMARTPHONE too! Smart enough to join this Race? XD
2nd Prize: 4 x free smartphone – 1 per winning member.
For other participants, don't worry though because YOU ALL will be walking with Maxis Goodies bag.
I will blog about HongKong for you guys as soon as I am back to Malaysia, OK? Muahahaha..

Don't worry guys, sharing is caring.. And I care for all the Nuffnanger, alrite?
I am sure you guys interested to join this event as well?
All you need to do is follow all the requirements HERE and you are good to go..

Oppss.. I forgot to tell you guys what the Race is about besides FOOD, and FOOD and more FOOD.. =D

Basically, there will be 5 stations or locations all together.
All we need to do is HUNT EM' DOWN!
We gonna CRASH and THRASH the place where GOOD FOOD is stored! xD
Just kidding!
We are civilized, well-mannered Malaysian, am I right? =)

About the locations, we are well-prepared to find them thanks to Maxis..
All teams will be equipped with an IPhone 4(yes, it's an IPhone4 so make some noise!!)
A laptop and a Maxis Wireless Broadband modem to assist us.

The IPhone 4 is pre-installed with Finder301 and GPS application.

Finder301 will provide us with information on FOOD, restaurants, ATMs, banks, clinics, police stations and more around us. So don't ever worry that you will be lost in the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur.
For those who already own an IPhone, you guys got the advantage because you can get Finder301 HERE.

Nuffnang wouldn't want us to just eat right?
That's why we are equipped with a laptop and a Maxis Wireless Broadband.
So that we can BLOG about the FOOD and the Restaurant wherever we go.
I am sure that those Nuffnangers that, unfortunately, not selected would like to join us for the LIVE update of our Race.

For those would like to keep in touch with us, do not hesitate anymore.
Quickly subscribe to the Maxis Wireless Broadband so that you can get the latest update from us wherever you go. For the latest Data Plan and Promotion, do visit HERE.

Just like the Three Magic Words of Maxis:


Using the SIMPLE way, we express our CREATIVITY to
win the Race as how TRUSTWORTHY as we are.

Here are the RoadRunners in my team:

Tan Yee Kean
The most experienced blogger in my team.
Follow him at LuckyStrike14

Lau Tze Ing
The guy with the mouth that can eat that whole dog! LOL
Check out what he can cannibalize on at TonyParker..

Tan Yin Fung
Not blood-related with Tan Yee Kean. But rumours said that same father, but not mother la.. xD
She can rant all day long and talk about Winnie the Pooh with so much love!
Follow her feminine side at GuanYinMa.

We Search, We Eat, We Share!


**I want M size for my Maxis OM NOM NOM Race T-shirt please!!**

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